Happy Life Software, Inc

The USA was founded on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Innovative souls transformed the world during industrial and technological revolution.

Today, apps enable success in every conceivable category.  But what are the categories essential to happiness, and how do they integrate with one another?

Join us in focusing  and integrating the best ideology, science, and technology towards solving the fundamental problem faced by every individual.



The latest health and wellness , combined with big-data and AI, highlight where and how to invest your best energy

Introducing technology to systematize the pursuit of happiness


Fueled by long term, win-win relationships, and synergistic partnerships.  We grow our team and network by contributing to the success of those around us.​

Happy Life Software, Inc.

Teaming up with, and supporting other like minded individuals is key!  Join the Friends for the Pursuit of Happiness Meetup Group, sponsored by Happy Life Software and Briggs Street Cafe.


Best in class apps, for success in areas essential to happiness

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